Encode (or Re-encode) Using Razorlame

I helped a friend through creating and re-encoding some mp3 files so I wrote a little tutorial to help them out. I hope it will help others out as well.

First you need to download RazorLame from their website. RazorLame website

I like that it doesn’t require you to install anything, just unzip to a folder. Now download LAME (the actual encoder), put it into the same folder you unzipped RazorLame. Then just run “RazorLame.exe” from there.

Once you have it unzipped and you open it up here is what you will see.

You will need to configure your encoder options so go here.

It will (probably) default to 128 which is decent for everyday listening, but for smaller sizes I drop my encodes down. Try 80 kbit and even 64 kbit for portable devices that you listen to with headphones. The sizes will be much smaller and they will sound close to “radio quality”.

Be sure you tell the encoder where you want your new files put. I would suggest a “Converted” folder or something to keep the lower quality stuff separate from your better encodes.

I choose “Speed” for the Optimization. This is a personal preference, but (again) we are talking about headphones/portable so…

I also use VBR to make the files smaller.

Click “OK” because you are finished with the settings.

Note: You can save different settings for various encodes by using the “Save options…” box in the top and naming the settings “portable” (I have ones set up for “standard”, “portable”, “archive”, etc)

Now just add the file (or files) you want

and press Encode…

You will see the progress window pop up and if you are doing a lot of files you can “Send to tray” to get it off your desktop.

A couple of things to keep in mind. If you re-encode an mp3 you are going to lose some of the quality. It’s always best to encode to the bitrate you want from the original CD although I usually just re-encode from a higher bitrate for convenience sake. (Remember, most of my listening is on a motorcycle or at work via headphones so the lower quality doesn’t much affect me)

That’s pretty much it for the simple walk through. :)

~ by Preston on February 24, 2009.

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