My (current) “Must Have” Thunderbird extensions

After seeing the reaction to my Firefox extension post, I have decided to follow it up with one devoted to Thunderbird. Same format as before…

Enigmail adds OpenPGP encryption and authentication to your e-mail. Worried that someone might be altering your email or other people reading your personal e-mail? This is a great tool to help stop such as that.

You will need GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) install on the system, but it is an easy thing to do. Windows people just need to head over to Gpg4win and get an easily downloadable binary to make it work. I will suggest the “lite” version since most people won’t need the German manuals nor the command line tools.

Basically adds a “Don’t warn me” feature for sites whose certificates don’t match.

Great little extension that allows me to easily track packages when only a tracking number (and no link) is provided.

This extension helps keep all your other extensions up to date. I use it in both Thunderbird and Firefox.

I hate getting broken links in e-mail. This little extension helps me out by opening links that have been broken over several lines in my browser.

I like keeping my e-mails “snipped” and clean. This extension provides a quick and easy way of streamlining things so you can keep the conversation focused and topical.

Although not something I tend to do, every now and then I will fire off a quick e-mail with no particular subject. This extension allows me to bypass the little nag that says “you don’t have a subject”.

I really think this should be a standard feature. It’s nice to know how big that file is before I carelessly forward it to everyone in my address book.

Gives you access to links and image properties. Nice way to find out where a particular image “lives” across the Internet.

Sometimes I really don’t need to have a full blown PIM, just a quick and easy reminder will do. This extension fills that gap for me.

Occasionally I e-mail some web page code to some of my friends. This little extension allows me to do it without losing the formatting.

I use different signatures in my e-mail and this extension allows me to easily switch from one to another with a click.

These are just a few of the available extensions that will allow you to customize Mozilla Thunderbird to suit your personal needs. Take a look and enjoy.

~ by Preston on September 11, 2007.

One Response to “My (current) “Must Have” Thunderbird extensions”

  1. Hi Preston,

    URL Link is nice! Thanks for the tip.

    It’s admittedly also self-promotion, but I honestly like this add-on:

    It shows you, which people you need to reply to or which people hardly ever reply. It’s also cool just to sort your contacts according to the number of messages sent or received. Comments welcome.

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